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Relax and rediscover your inner well-being with the THAIco Signature Massage! It's time to prioritize and take care of yourself fully.

What is THAIco Signature Massage

The THAIco Signature Massage is a combination of massage techniques in an explosion of sensations!

Western techniques blend with Eastern philosophy, giving you extraordinary sensations and body healing. THAIco massage is performed on a Thai massage mat and is a unique combination of traditional Thai massage, Swedish, Balinese and aromatherapy massage. By combining these elements, the THAIco Signature Massage offers a holistic experience of relaxation, stress reduction and invigoration of body and mind.

THAIco Signature Massage Features

THAIco Signature Massage features include:

Traditional Thai techniques: THAIco massage uses specific techniques from traditional Thai massage, involving acupuncture pressure, stretching and manipulation of joints, and massage of energy points.

Swedish massage techniques: Swedish massage is incorporated into THAIco massage to provide deep muscle relaxation and promote blood circulation. Kneading, pressing and gliding techniques are applied to reduce muscle tension and induce a state of peace and calm.

Balinese influences: Balinese massage brings a touch of refinement and relaxation through the use of fluid, rhythmic movements that help release tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Aromatherapy : Aromatherapy is integrated into the THAIco Signature massage through the use of natural essential oils, carefully selected to enhance the therapeutic effects of the massage.

Use of the specific mattress: THAIco massage is performed on a specific Thai massage mat, which provides optimal support and comfort during the massage session.

Benefits of THAIco Signature Massage

THAIco Signature Massage offers a number of benefits including:

Deep relaxation: The traditional Thai and Swedish massage techniques used in THAIco massage help release muscle tension and induce a deep state of relaxation. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality.
Balance and harmony: Specific techniques in traditional Thai massage, which include acupuncture pressure and energy point massage, aim to unblock the flow of energy in the body and bring balance and harmony.
Relieve muscle tension: Swedish massage techniques, such as kneading and pressing, are effective in reducing tension and muscle knots. This helps relieve pain and discomfort caused by tension built up in the muscles.
Stimulate blood circulation: THAIco Signature Massage improves blood circulation, promoting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and the elimination of toxins. This can contribute to a healthier circulatory system and revitalise the body.
Sensory relaxation: The use of fine essential oils during the THAIco Signature massage adds a pleasant sensory dimension, intensifying the relaxing effects and promoting overall well-being.
Reducing stress and anxiety: THAIco Signature Massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve mood.
Rejuvenation and vitality: By combining Balinese massage techniques and aromatherapy influences, THAIco Signature massage helps to revitalise the body and restore energy and vitality.