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Jasmin Lulur Ritual

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Enjoy youthful, hydrated skin!

What is the Jasmin Lulur Ritual

Lulur scented treatment and beautification originates from the royal palaces of Central Java, Indonesia.

After 50 minutes of jasmine oil body massage, Lulur paste is applied to the body and gently massaged in to exfoliate and soften the skin. The fresh yoghurt that is rubbed on the skin is meant to nourish and moisturise it.

The treatment is completed by a scented bath with flower milk followed by a massage with jasmine body lotion.

Characteristics of the Jasmine Lulur Ritual

Royal Java Essence: Inspired by the beauty secrets of the royal palaces of Central Java, Indonesia.

Fragrant and Invigorating Ritual: A sensory journey that combines the scents of enveloping jasmine with the revitalising benefits of Jasmin Lulur treatment.

Deep Body Massage: For 50 minutes, the body is pampered with jasmine oil massage, redefining relaxation and pampering.

Exfoliation and Catifelation: Lulur paste is gently applied to the body and gently massaged in to reveal the skin's radiance through exfoliation and velvety softness.

Hydration with Yogurt: The skin is nourished and moisturised with fresh yoghurt, giving it nourishment and vitality.

Scented Floral Hug: A flower milk bath, enveloped in exquisite scents, completes the treatment, providing a completely relaxing experience.

Benefits of Jasmine Lulur Ritual

Sensory Revitalization: The fragrance of jasmine and the massage technique restore balance and vitality.

Skin Refreshment: Exfoliation with Lulur paste reveals refreshed, velvety and glowing skin.

Deep Hydration: Yoghurt nourishes and moisturises the skin, keeping it looking healthy.

Deep Relaxation: The flower milk bath brings deep relaxation, complemented by the enveloping scent of jasmine.

Pampering: The jasmine body lotion massage gives you a feeling of care and beauty.

The Jasmin Lulur Ritual includes

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Balinese Massage ~ Organic Lulur Exfoliation ~ Fresh Yoghurt Wrap ~ Flower Milk Bath