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It's time to feel like a real queen! Enjoy a royal experience of relaxation and pampering with THAIco Spa's signature queen massage.

What is Queen's Massage

The Queen's Massage or "Six Hands Massage" is a full body treatment in which three Thai massage therapists combine pressure massage with linear, intensity-matched movements and gentle compression to relieve muscle pain, tension and fatigue. The Queen's Massage is a luxurious and personalised massage experience designed for royal care of the body and mind.

Features of the Queen's Massage

Synchronised whole-body coverage: Thanks to the presence of three therapists, the six-handed massage ensures full body coverage so that every area receives attention and stimulation.

Perfect coordination: The three therapists work in perfect coordination, using synchronised and rhythmic movements.

Sophisticated massage techniques: The King's Massage uses advanced massage techniques that combine broad strokes and varied pressure to create a deeply relaxing and invigorating experience.

Use of oils and creams: Royal massage therapists use gentle, scented oils and creams to make it easier for the hands to glide over the skin, providing a velvety and moisturising sensation.

Focus on areas of tension: King massage focuses on identifying and treating tense and stiff areas of the body, such as tight muscles or tension knots.

Customised pressure and pace: Royal Therapists adjust the pressure and pace of the massage according to each individual's preferences and needs, ensuring the experience is comfortable and beneficial.

Benefits of Queen's Massage

Deep relaxation: The six-handed massage technique induces a state of deep relaxation and release of tension. The ample and rhythmic movements applied by the three therapists help reduce stress and anxiety.

Release tension and energy blockages: The coordinated movements and pressure applied in the six-hand massage help release tension and unblock the flow of vital energy in the body.

Amplifying sensations: By stimulating several areas of the body simultaneously, the six-hand massage amplifies sensations and intensifies the relaxing and therapeutic effects.

Depth and revitalization: As it is performed by three therapists at the same time, six-hand massage is more intense and revitalising than other types of massage. This complex technique helps to invigorate the body and restore its vitality.

Improving posture: By relaxing the muscles and releasing accumulated tension, the King's massage can help correct and improve the body's posture.

Reducing stress and anxiety: The King's massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood.

Mental relaxation and clarity: The King's massage can provide a feeling of mental relaxation, calming thoughts and promoting mental clarity.

Improved sleep: By deeply relaxing and reducing stress, the King's massage can help to improve sleep quality and achieve a more restful sleep.