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What is hammam

The hammam, also known as the Turkish bath, is a fundamental part of Ottoman tradition and culture. It is a sanctuary of tranquillity and relaxation, offering a spatial and temporal retreat from the fast pace of everyday life.

The Hammam experience is divided into distinct stages, each with a specific role in providing a complete state of well-being and relaxation. The process begins with a period in the sauna or steam bath, designed to open the pores and relax the muscles. The high temperatures stimulate circulation and remove toxins, preparing the body for the next steps.

Hammam features

Sauna or steam bath: In the Hammam, hot steam is used to open pores and relax muscles, preparing the body for the subsequent exfoliation and massage steps.

Exfoliation: Using a traditional Turkish bath glove, known as a 'kese', the exfoliation process gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, leaving the skin refreshed and glowing.

Foam massage: The massage is performed with natural soaps and a luxurious lather that relaxes muscles, relieves tension and promotes a deep state of relaxation.

Natural products: Natural products such as herbal soaps and essential oils are used in the Hammam to provide the most authentic and health-promoting experience possible.

Relaxing atmosphere: The Hammam is a space designed to promote an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, with soft lights, pleasant aromas and soothing sounds.

Benefits of Hammam

Detoxify: The hot steam and exfoliation process helps to remove toxins from the body, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.
Improved blood circulation: Steam and massage stimulate blood circulation, helping to distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
Deep relaxation: With its foam massage and soothing atmosphere, the Hammam helps reduce stress and promote a deep state of relaxation.
Revitalization: The complete Hammam process leaves the skin glowing, muscles relaxed and the mind refreshed, contributing to an overall feeling of well-being and revitalisation.
Promoting sleep: Thanks to its relaxing and detoxifying effects, the Hammam can help improve sleep quality.
Improved skin condition: Deep exfoliation and moisturising helps improve the texture and appearance of the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.