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Enjoy the THAIco SPA brand tropical paradise in a unique ritual!

What is the Tropical Coconut Ritual

The Tropical Ritual begins with a coconut body exfoliation, followed by a warm bath with tropical flowers and coconut milk, accompanied by a wonderful and relaxing hair massage.

Afterwards, THAIco SPA therapists will delight you with a THAIco SPA Hawaiian massage with virgin coconut oil, followed by a relaxing facial massage.

Features of Tropical Coconut Ritual

Gentle exfoliation: Experience skin rejuvenation with a gentle exfoliation enriched with the sweet scent of coconut.

Immersion in the Tropics: Enjoy a warm bath enveloped in the fragrant aromas of tropical flowers and coconut milk for deep relaxation.

Hair Pampering: A gentle scalp massage removes tension and prepares you for the relaxing moments that follow.

Facial Pampering: Gentle facial massage relaxes the muscles of the face, literally allowing the forehead to relax.

Hawaiian Essence: Enjoy the authentic Hawaiian massage, performed with virgin coconut oil, a sensory journey to the exotic islands.

Benefits of the Tropical Coconut Ritual

Hydrated Skin: Coconut exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and glowing.

Deep Relaxation: Bathing with tropical flowers and coconut milk calms the mind and relaxes the body, leading to an overall state of well-being.

Revitalization: Capillary massage improves blood circulation, revitalising the senses.

Natural Recovery: The Hawaiian Coconut Oil Massage nourishes and moisturises the skin, leaving it silky and glowing.

Toning: Relaxing facial massage improves skin tone and condition.

Included in the Tropical Coconut Ritual: Floral Foot Ritual ~ Coconut Body Scrub ~ Tropical Flower Bath ~ Hair Massage ~ Hawaiian Massage ~ Facial Massage