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Discover the unique sensation of four-hand massage and let yourself be carried away on a journey of absolute relaxation.

What is 4 Hands Massage

Four-hand massage is a special massage technique in which two therapists work in unison to provide a simultaneous full-body massage. This unique experience involves synchronisation of movements and pressure between the two therapists, creating a feeling of deep harmony and relaxation.

Features of 4 Hands Massage

Features of the four-handed massage include:

Synchronised whole-body coverage: Thanks to the presence of two therapists, the four-handed massage allows for complete synchronised coverage of the entire body.

Coordinated movements: Therapists use synchronised and rhythmic movements over the whole body of the person receiving the massage. This coordination adds an extra dimension of relaxation and tissue stimulation.

Multidimensional experience: Thanks to the simultaneous movements of the two therapists, the person receiving the massage experiences multiple and different sensations at the same time.

Benefits of 4 Hands Massage

Deep relaxation: The four-handed massage induces a deep state of relaxation through the use of rhythmic and fluid movements of the two therapists. This experience enhances the feeling of inner peace and reduces stress and anxiety.

Release tension and stress: Coordinated movements and pressure applied by the two therapists help release tension and stress built up in the muscles and tissues. This relieves muscle pain and stiffness.

Full body coverage: Thanks to the presence of two therapists, the four-handed massage allows full body coverage, ensuring that all areas are treated and that the benefits of the massage extend to the whole body.

Stimulate blood circulation: The ample and rhythmic movements of the two therapists improve blood and lymphatic circulation, thus promoting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cellular level and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Revitalising and energising: Four hands massage can provide deep revitalisation and an increase in energy levels. This intense experience helps to invigorate the body and restore vitality.

Stimulating the nervous system: The rhythmic and synchronised movements of the two therapists help to stimulate the nervous system, contributing to mental relaxation and improved mood.