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Rejuvenation and Relaxation for Soul and Mind: THAIco Hair Massage - Wellness starts with you!

What is Hair Massage

Capillary Massage is an emotional uplifting therapy that focuses on relieving upper body tension.

We'll start with an invigorating massage that stimulates circulation, making the movements gentler and slower.

This is followed by a relaxing neck, shoulder and upper back massage to remove any remaining tension and release toxins.

Features of Hair Massage

Emotional upliftment therapy: Capillary massage focuses on relaxing and relieving tension in the upper body, helping to improve emotional well-being.

Stimulating circulation: The massage begins by stimulating blood circulation, helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to the head area.

Gentle and refreshing movements: The techniques used in hair massage combine invigorating and gentle movements to promote relaxation and release tension.

Neck, shoulder and upper back massage: The therapy covers the neck, shoulders and upper back area, effectively removing any remaining tension and helping to eliminate toxins.