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Bali Boreh Ritual

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Discover the Balinese secret of invigoration with the Bali Boreh Ritual - a traditional remedy that combines intense, aromatic exfoliation and therapeutic massage to invigorate body and mind!

What is the Bali Boreh Ritual

Bali Boreh is a traditional remedy that has been passed down through generations of Balinese farming families. Boreh is used for healing and stimulates blood circulation.

Healing Boreh is made from a combination of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger, which warm the skin. The Boreh ceremony begins with a traditional massage and then a paste made of Boreh powder and essential oils is spread all over the body.

After the Boreh is removed, you will enjoy a relaxing flower bath followed by a massage with moisturising body lotion.

Features of the Bali Boreh Ritual

Traditional Remedy: Passed down from generation to generation in Balinese farming families.

Boosting Circulation: Helps improve blood circulation in the body.

Natural Ingredient: Use a combination of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

Skin Warming: The active ingredients in the spices create a natural warming sensation on the skin.

Benefits of the Bali Boreh Ritual

Improved circulation: Stimulates blood flow, helping to oxygenate and nourish cells efficiently.

Increases the feeling of comfort and relaxation by naturally warming the skin.

Relaxation and Refreshment: Provides a deeply relaxing experience and a state of renewal for the whole body.

Exfoliation and Hydration: Helps exfoliate skin, followed by deep hydration for a healthy, glowing look.

Multisensory Relaxation: It covers a variety of stages, from traditional massage to flower bath and final moisturising lotion massage, providing a complete multi-sensory experience.

Included in the Bali Boreh Ritual

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Traditional Balinese Massage ~ Organic Boreh Scrub ~ Floral Bath