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Facial Treatment - Extreme Rejuvenation

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Renew Your Beauty, Rediscover Your Skin's Youth!

What is Facial Treatment - Extreme Rejuvenation

Our cells and collagen in our skin are constantly exposed to the negative effects of free radicals. These damage the cell walls, causing stress to the skin and accelerating the ageing process.

The result of this process is the appearance of mimic wrinkles and reduced elasticity of the skin. In the development of this treatment, special attention has been paid to cell protection and constant cell regeneration.

The extreme rejuvenating treatment is applied to the face, neck, décolletage. Kleanthous C.S.M. daily care products are recommended.

A course of 6 sessions per year is recommended, depending on the depth of wrinkles.

Features and Benefits of Facial Treatment - Extreme Rejuvenation

Protection against Free Radicals: The Thaico Extreme Rejuvenation treatment is mainly aimed at protecting skin cells from the negative effects of free radicals, preventing damage to cell walls.

Stimulating Cell Regeneration: The Thaico treatment promotes constant regeneration of skin cells, helping to maintain skin health and vitality.

Fighting the Signs of Ageing: Prevents and combats the results of the ageing process on the skin, such as the appearance of expression lines and loss of skin elasticity. Thaico Extreme Rejuvenation focuses on combating the signs of ageing.

Extreme Rejuvenation: Applied to the face, neck and décolleté, the Thaico treatment provides intense revitalisation for these areas, restoring their radiance and vitality.

Daily Care with Kleanthous C.S.M. Products To maximise the results of the treatment, it is recommended to use Dr. Kleanthous C.S.M. daily care products, which complement the rejuvenation process and maintain the long-term health of the skin.

Optimal Results with Minimum 6 Annual Sessions: For those who wish to achieve lasting results, a course of six to 12 sessions/year is recommended. The number of sessions may vary depending on the depth of existing wrinkles and individual skin needs.