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Revitalize your body with THAIco Ventuze Ginger Therapy: a unique journey to balance and health, where Chinese tradition blends harmoniously with the therapeutic power of ginger!

What is the Ginger Ventuze Ritual

THAIco Ginger Therapy is one of the many forms of alternative medicine in China; its role is to improve blood circulation and general health.

The therapy consists of applying glass beakers to the surface of the body, inside which a flame is applied by creating a vacuum. Ginger root improves blood circulation and tones the skin. The therapy continues with anti-cellulite massage with ginger oil.

Features of the Ginger Cupping Ritual

Use of suction cups: Glass suction cups are used and applied to different areas of the body to create a vacuum, thus stimulating blood circulation.

Traditional Asian method: THAIco Ventuze Ginger Therapy is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and uses ancient principles to improve health.

Flame for vacuum: To create vacuum in the suction cups, a flame is used for a short time, ensuring controlled and non-invasive suction.

Adding ginger: Ginger root is integrated into the process to enhance the therapeutic benefits, having toning effects on the skin and improving blood circulation.

Benefits of the Ginger Cupping Ritual

Improved blood circulation: Via Creating a controlled vacuum, the therapy stimulates blood circulation, contributing to efficient tissue oxygenation and nutrition.

Skin toning: The effects of ginger root bring toning benefits to the skin, giving it a healthy and revitalised appearance.

Muscle relaxation: The therapy helps to relax the muscles and release accumulated tension, thus promoting general relaxation and well-being.

Support in anti-cellulite therapy: Continuing the treatment with an anti-cellulite massage with ginger oil amplifies the beneficial effects, having a positive impact on cellulite reduction and improving skin texture.

Promoting general health: Inspired by Chinese alternative medicine, the therapy has a holistic purpose, helping to balance vital energy and promote overall health.