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The magical journey to inner balance and harmony!

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is the ancient art of balancing and revitalising by stimulating reflex points on the feet and hands. A form of holistic therapy, reflexology believes that every organ and system in the human body is reflected on specific areas of the feet and hands.

This healing technique offers you a magical journey to inner harmony and deep well-being. Find out with us the exciting features and amazing benefits reflexology offers!

Features of Reflexology

Reflex zone: Our reflexologists know the precise map of the feet and hands, where every organ and system in the human body has its corresponding reflex point. By stimulating these areas, the circulation of vital energy is activated and the body's functions are improved.

Pressorapuncture techniques: Reflexology involves the use of finger pressure applied to reflex areas to release tension and restore energy balance.

Non-invasive therapy: Reflexology is a completely non-invasive therapy, without the use of any chemicals or medical instruments, providing a safe and pleasant experience.

Benefits of Reflexology

Deep relaxation: By stimulating reflex points, reflexology induces a deep state of relaxation, releasing stress and tension from the body and mind.

Balancing the nervous system: Reflexology helps to balance the nervous system and stimulate the production of endorphins, the happy hormones, which helps to improve general well-being.

Chronic pain relief: This therapy brings relief to people suffering from chronic pain such as back pain, migraines or joint pain.

Improved circulation: The stimulation of reflex points helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, promoting cell oxygenation and the elimination of toxins.

Immune system support: By balancing energy in the body, reflexology supports the immune system, helping the body to be more resistant to disease and infection.