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Facial Treatment for Cuperose/Rosacea Affected Skin

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Enjoy healthy, rosacea-free skin.

What is THAIco Treatment for Cuperose/Rosacea Affected Skin

Dilated capillaries that appear in the cheek and nose area may be caused by high blood pressure and environmental conditions or may occur as a result of excessive heat or cold.

The 24/7 couperose serum soothes and reduces redness. Cell supporting molecules strengthen capillary walls.

2 treatments per week are recommended.

Features and Benefits of THAIco Treatment for couperose / rosacea affected skin

Reduction of redness: The main aim of the treatment is to reduce redness and inflammation on the skin. This can make the complexion look more even and calm.

Strengthening of capillary walls: The cell-supporting molecules in the treatment are designed to strengthen capillary walls, which can help reduce blood vessel fragility and prevent excessive dilation.

Soothes the skin: The treatment helps soothe and reduce the redness and discomfort associated with couperose and rosacea.

Relieves inflammation: Reducing inflammation can help reduce symptoms such as burning or itching that can accompany these conditions.

Evens out skin tone: The treatment can help achieve a more even skin tone, eliminating the appearance of redness and dilated blood vessels.

Strengthening capillaries: Strengthening the capillary walls can prevent them from rupturing or dilating excessively, thereby reducing the occurrence of other symptoms.