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Fruit Spa Ritual

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Recharge yourself with the freshness of THAIco SPA branded fruits!

What is the Fruit Spa Ritual

The spa ritual with fucte starts with a kiwi facial and body exfoliation, followed by a relaxing bath with precious milk and a hair massage.

The exotic experience continues with full-body aromatherapy and facial massage with essential oils enriched with fruit extracts to remove muscle tension, improving blood circulation, helping to detoxify the body and relax the mind, giving you an unparalleled state of well-being.

Characteristics of the Fruit Spa Ritual

Exfoliating Invigorating: The ritual begins with a gentle exfoliation of the face and body with kiwi, removing dead skin cells and preparing the skin for the benefits to follow.

Exotic Enrichment: Natural fruit extracts, such as kiwi and other exotic flavours, are used to enrich the treatment, adding freshness and vitality to the skin.

Relaxing Bath with Precious Milk: The relaxing bath in precious milk helps to moisturise and soften the skin, giving you a deeply relaxing feeling.

Soothing Hair Massage: Hair massage helps to release accumulated tension in the head area, giving a feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

Exotic Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy with essential oils rich in fruit extracts provides a pleasant olfactory experience and helps relieve stress and tension.

Revitalizing Facial MassageFacial massage with essential oils enriched with fruit extracts helps improve blood circulation, thus stimulating the skin's natural glow.

Benefits of the Fruit Spa Ritual

Revitalized Skin: Exfoliation and care with fruit extracts revitalises the skin, giving it a smoother and brighter texture.

Deep Relaxation: Relaxing baths and massages help release muscle tension and relax the mind, giving you an overall feeling of well-being.

Detoxification and Improved Circulation: Massage and aromatherapy stimulate blood circulation, helping to detoxify the body and improve metabolism.

Moisturising and Revitalising: The precious milk bath and essential oils nourish and moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Natural Glow: Facial massage and care with essential oils restore a natural glow and healthy look to the skin.

State of Good: The combination of exfoliation, massage and aromatherapy provides a relaxing and invigorating experience, helping to improve your mood and well-being.

Included in the SPA Ritual with Fructure: Floral Foot Ritual ~ Facial & Body Exfoliation ~ Precious Milk Bath ~ Hair Massage ~ Aromatherapy