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Asian Touch Ritual

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Enjoy the ultimate THAIco experience, specially designed to purify you on a cellular, emotional and spiritual level, which also activates long-term beauty.

What is the Asian Touch Ritual

The journey begins with a deep body relaxation massage, followed by exfoliation with sea salt crystals and lemongrass.

The treatment continues with a revitalising Vichy shower with four powerful healing ingredients: lemongrass to activate blood circulation, lime and orange, which contain essential vitamins, and ginger to awaken your senses and clear your mind.

At the end, you will feel radiant and full of Sakti's regenerating energy.

Characteristics of the Asian Touch Ritual:

Holistic Experience: This ritual does not just target one part of your being, but harmoniously integrates elements that will touch your body, mind and soul, bringing complete balance.

Selecte Natural Ingredient: Each ingredient used in this ritual is carefully chosen for its therapeutic properties. From lemongrass and ginger to lime and orange, these elements activate our body's natural potential.

Advanced Therapeutic Techniques: Deep massage and sea salt crystal exfoliation are performed with advanced therapeutic techniques designed to release tension and activate blood circulation, giving you a deep sense of well-being.

Benefits of the Asian Touch Ritual

Deep Cellular Purification: Through advanced therapeutic techniques and natural ingredients, this ritual removes toxins and impurities at the cellular level, revitalizing the body from within.

Emotional Balance: The strategic combination of scents and textures helps to balance emotions, creating an inner harmony that will be felt in your mood.

Renew and ShineGentle exfoliation with sea salt crystals and lemongrass removes dead skin cells, revealing a radiant, velvety complexion and restoring radiance and vitality to the skin.

Improved Vitality: The Vichy shower treatment with healing ingredients such as lemongrass and ginger activates blood circulation and stimulates vital energy, giving you a feeling of inner renewal.

Mental Clarity: With fresh, refreshing scents like lime and orange, this ritual helps you clear your mind of busy thoughts and enjoy improved clarity and focus.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction: The Deep Tissue massage applied during the ritual helps to deeply relax the muscles and reduce accumulated stress, giving you a feeling of inner peace and tranquility.

Included in the Asian Touch Ritual:

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Deep Tissue Massage ~ Salt Crystal Exfoliation ~ Vichy Shower Therapy