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Take Ten

Take Ten treatment – facial electrostimulation

Take Ten is a facial fitness treatment that determines muscle reconstruction and trait lifting.
This unique procedure improves fluid exchange and blood circulation in the skin, reduces wrinkles on the forehead, mouth or eyes, restores the firmness of the cheeks and removes bags under the eyes

Price: 155 RON/sitting
Package 10 sits: 1100 RON

Cures of 10 sessions distributed over 3 weeks are recommended

Detox & Rejuve Intensive Treatment

A beautiful complexion is a healthy skin and, like the whole body, it also needs intensive cleansing and muscle toning to maintain its firmness. Take Ten results are complemented by the miraculous effects of Oxygeneo, the treatment that simultaneously achieves exfoliation, nutrient infusion and oxygenation.

For the best absorption of nutrients and for the rendering of firmness, the skin is spoiled with the power of ultrasound Dr. Kleanthous. The hydration level and the delicate area around the eyes are treated with specific products from Thalgo.
Package contains:10 x Take Ten 3 x OxyGeneo 2 x Ultrasound Dr. Kleanthous 2 x Hydration Thalgo x 3 Contour Eye Thalgo

Intensive 3-week cure with 1 session every 2 days
Package price: 2800 RON
Duration of meeting: 1 hour

Forever Young Intensive Treatment

With the right treatments, not only can you wipe a few years off your face, but you will help slow down the aging process.
That's why our therapists have created a ritual that will tone the facial muscles and help the skin with a hyaluronic acid intake Dr. Kleanthous.
And to stimulate blood and lymph circulation as well as for cell oxygenation, the therapist will perform a manual massage for lymphatic drainage.
It will improve cellular metabolism and provide a rejuvenating effect

10 sessions Take Ten 6 sessions Ultrasound with Hyaluronic Acid Dr. Kleanthous 4 sessions of lymphatic drainage by facial massage

Intensive 3-week cure
Price: 1850 Ron
Duration of meeting: 45 min

Antiaging & Fermity Treatment

For a visibly younger and firmer complexion, experts at THAIco SPA have created an intensive antiaging treatment based on Take Ten's facial fitness effects and the exceptional results of Dr. Kleanthous' SkinJection Instant Hydro Lifting Patch. This is a revolutionary, intensive moisturizing product that reduces fine lines, replenishes the skin's natural hydration reserves and provides a unique feeling of taut skin.  During application, up to 15 ml of highly enriched active substances can be absorbed through the skin.
The ritual is completed by 1 cleansing treatment, lymphatic drainage and Sono Beauty Lifting from Dr. Kleanthous.
10 sessions Take Ten 6 sessions Sono Beauty Lifting Dr. Kleanthous 1 cleansing treatment , 1 SkinEction Instant Hydro Lifting Patch - 2 sessions Lymphatic drainage by facial massage

Intensive three-week cure.
Price: £5800