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THAIco Signature Massages

THAIco Massage

A Fusion of Body Healing Sensations

A combination of massage techniques in an explosion of sensations! Western techniques combine with Oriental philosophy, giving you extraordinary sensations and healing of the body.
THAIco massage is performed on a mattress specific to Thai massage and is a unique combination of traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage, Balinese and aromatherapy.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £230/320/440

Queen/King's Massage

Feel Like a Royalty

The Queen/King Massage or “The Six Hands Massage” is a full body treatment where three professional therapists use acupressure, slow and medium strokes and gentle muscle compression to ease away muscular aches, tension and tiredness. One therapist will work on the right side of the body, another one on the left side and the third therapist will massage the head, face, shoulders and the cleavage area. It can be relaxing and deep, depending on your preferences.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £590/880/1100

Traditional Thai Massage

Refresh Your Mind. Revitalize Your Senses

Thai massage has its own unique characteristics. Thai massage techniques include acupressure and yoga inspired stretching. The techniques include light walking upon the back, with compressing, circulating and cracking. Thai massage literally assists in promoting strength and flexibility, relaxing sore or tense muscles. It is also a great way to eliminate stress both from body and mind. After the session, the receiver will feel truly relieved and energized.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £220/310/390

Thai Massage with Herbs

A Stronger Immune System, a Better Blood Circulation

Inspired by Thai healing traditions, our warm compress which contains a parcel with medicated herbal ingredients (chosen according to the clients' needs), is applied to the whole body using an acupressure technique. The herbs help increase one’s energy. It improves the immune system and lung function, while acupressure stimulates blood circulation and releases muscle tension.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £230/320/440

Exotic Bamboo

Relax, De-Stress, and Restore All of Your Being

This fresh and natural approach combines Swedish and Deep Tissue massage strokes with a beautifully crafted set of warm aroma oil-soaked Bamboo tools to roll, slide, knead and tap you into a deep state of relaxation. This unique massage releases muscle tension and tightness, improves circulation and the lymphatic flow, leaving the body feeling deeply relaxed.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £220/310/390

Balinese Massage

Wellbeing, Calm and Relaxation

The exotic Balinese massage therapy is one of the oldest traditional massage techniques of Indonesia. This unique massage brings together several alternative medicine practices such as massage therapy, presopuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy; they stimulate blood, oxygen and ‘’qi’’ (energy) flow around your body, bringing a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation. During the massage, the therapist uses a variety of techniques including skin rolling, kneading and stimulating pressure points, combined with warm essential oils for a soothing effect on the body.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £220/310/390

Massage Lomi – Lomi

The Spirit of Aloha for Your Body, Heart and Spirit

The Lomi Lomi ritual is an ancient massage practiced by the indigenous Polynesians in Hawaii. The essential oils used – vanilla, ylang-ylang, orchid, orange, mandarin, coconut, macadamia nuts - turn the Lomi Lomi into a sensory journey to Hawaii. The uniqueness of it comes from the moves and techniques performed by the therapist. This technique is about using forearms, elbows and hands, with long and continuous moves, with no interruptions or sudden movements.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £220/310/390

Head Hilot

Balance for Your Entire Being

Hilot is an ancient Filipino therapeutic massage. Any tension is detected from the very beginning. The therapist will slowly apply pressure to those specific pressure points of the body which need to be unstressed. This will bring balance to your entire being. Combining chiropractic methods and ancient Filipino meditation techniques, the Hilot massage not only helps to alleviate muscle tension, but it is also a remedy for easing painful joints, generally preventing illness.

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £220/310/390


Release Your Mental Tension, Stress and Strain

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment in which liquids obtained from plants are slowly poured, right into the middle of the forehead, from a certain height, using a copper container located above the customer. The liquid is poured for a certain period of time, continuously and rhythmically, allowing the oil to trickle down the skin of the head and into the hair.
Shirodhara is recommended for insomnia, migraines, facial paresis, stress, and skin diseases to increase concentration strength. Practiced regularly, Shirodhara massage improves blood circulation in the brain and memory, senses, prevents hair loss, premature bleaching and fragility, gives strength to the neck and head and calms the body and mind.

Duration: 30 min
Price: £220


Nourish all Your Senses

This is a full body massage using herbal oils selected according to skin type; it is believed to energize and promote a state of better health. It uses slow movements such as kneading, strokes and rubbing to relieve tiredness and promote wellness through lymphatic drainage therapy. This massage improves blood circulation, physical consistency, deep relaxation, helps the body eliminate toxins and relieves overall tension. In addition, it increases energy levels and improves overall wellbeing.

Running time: 1h/1h 30 min
Price: £330/440

Shiatsu Massage

Stimulate Your Chi, Your Body’s Natural Energy Flow

Shiatsu is a style of massage original from Japan, which combines Oriental massage techniques with modern medical notions of anatomy and physiology. It can be referred to as ‘’acupuncture without needles”. “Shiatsu’’ is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure‘’; the pressure is applied to the body’s energy lines (meridians) to stimulate the body’s natural energy flow (Chi). The method is also helpful in curing certain

Running time: 1h/1h 30min/2h
Price: £220/310/390