Welcome to the universe THAIco SPA Manicure - Pedicure Book Now Gift Card
Manichiura Reigns70 RON
Fetite manicure30 RON
Apply classical nail polish20 RON
Simple Manicure80 RON
Cut nails20 RON
Schimbat oja clasica20 RON
Semi-permanent manicure150 RON
Indepartare oja semipermanenta50 RON
Construction Nails Gel250 RON
Gel Maintenance200 RON
Simple pedicure80 RON
Semi-permanent pedicure130 RON
Scrub30 RON
Nail Repair20 RON
Gel removal70 RON
Model simplu10 RON
Pictura20 RON
Stras ( 1 pcs.)10 RON