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Russian Manicure55 RON
Manicure Spa  75 RON
Manichiura Reigns65 RON
Fetite manicure35 RON
Apply classical nail polish17 RON
Simple Manicure50 RON
Cut nails20 RON
Changed oja17 RON
Oja French17 RON
Semi-permanent manicure105 RON
Applied semi-permanent nail polish50 RON
Construction Nails Gel253 RON
Construction Nails Gel French280 RON
Gel Maintenance150 RON
French Maintenance185 RON
Ultra-Thin Construction322 RON
Ultra-Thin Maintenance230 RON
Moonlight & Ceramic150 RON
Ceramic125 RON
Moonlight125 RON
Removal15 RON
Slider design / pcs11 RON
Stamp Art / pcs  5.5 RON
Swarovsky Crystal / pcs23 RON
Gel Art / pcs10 RON
Metallic Effect / pcs10 RON
Jewelry Art / pcs55 RON
Paraffin Treatment35 RON
Apply Colored Gel23 RON
Apply Gel French35 RON
Simple pedicure55-70 RON
Pedicure Spa110 RON
Pedicure Paraffin125 RON
Semi-permanent pedicure110 RON
Pedicure French130 RON
Calde Stones92 RON
Nail Repair23 RON
Gel removal 70 RON
Maintenance (1angle)15 RON
Painting ( 1 nail)9 RON
Stras ( 1 pcs.)11 RON
Hand paraffin wraps15 RON
Paraffin leg wraps20 RON
Antiaging treatment for hands Dr Kleanthous125 RON
Treatment 3 in 1 Oxygeneo195 RON