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Happy Feet Massage

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What is THAIco Happy Feet Massage

The hectic pace of daily life is balanced by the opportunity to relax and take care of body and mind.
In this sense, THAIco Happy Feet Massage offers an unforgettable experience in the world of foot reflexology through Happy Feet Massage.

When it comes to reflexology massage, not only the Indians but also the ancient Egyptians proposed the paradigm of the vision of the feet representing a small-scale image of the human body.
Certain areas on the surface of the sole are reflexively linked to parts of the body and certain organs. Thus, by stimulating the reflexogenic bridges in the sole, organ functions can be positively influenced. If a reflex area on the sole hurts when palpated, the pain suggests a dysfunction of that organ.
THAIco Happy Feet Massage is a gentle, restorative massage for people of all ages.
There are certain limitations for inflammatory and painful diseases of the soles and feet, such as inflamed veins or varicose ulcers.
Acute illnesses cannot be cured by reflexology, but it is useful in complementing medical treatment and relieving daily pain and preventing the onset of illness.

Features and Benefits THAIco Happy Feet Massage

Deep relaxation: THAIco SPA's specialised therapists know the reflex points and their related organs, thus applying precise pressure to release accumulated tension in the body.

Reflexogenic Point Stimulation: During a Happy Feet Massage session the therapist applies pressure with fingers or special tools to the reflex zones of the feet. This pressure aims to stimulate these points, to improve blood circulation and relax muscle tissues.

Stimulating circulation: Reflexology techniques help to improve blood circulation and energy flow in the body, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Release stress and anxiety: This relaxing experience has a beneficial effect on the mind, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Holistic Therapy: Heel reflexology approaches the body as a whole, taking into account the connections between different organs and systems. So it can be an integral part of a holistic care plan for your health.

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