THAIco Beauty

Hairstyling, manicure/pedicure and epilation services complement the relaxation rituals you can enjoy at THAIco SPA. After a sauna and massage session, flawless hair styling and a delicate manicure will help you continue your day without the worry of your next appointment and time spent in traffic to another location. Once you get to THAIco SPA, you know that you are in the care of the best specialists who will take care of your beauty and well-being, in the smallest detail.


Tuns varfuri5020Vopsit păr scurt  (manopera) 13090
Tuns forma7030Vopsit păr mediu  (manopera) 150120
Washing4015Vopsit păr lung  (manopera) 200135
Spalat +  Coafat50301 tub vopsea Wella80
Spalat +  Coafat păr scurt 110451 tub vopsea  L’oreal80
Spalat +  Coafat păr mediu 13060Decolorat+ vopsit păr scurt (manopera) 150180
Spalat +  Coafat păr lung *15075Decolorat+ vopsit păr mediu (manopera) 190210
Impletitura*10030Decolorat+ vopsit păr lung (manopera) 250270
Coada10030Șuvițe păr scurt  (manopera) 150180
Special hairstyle250120Șuvițe păr mediu  (manopera) 190210
Coafat coc350120Șuvițe păr lung  (manopera) 250270
Bride's hairstyle450120Foila kerastase50
Foila wella40
Olaplex 3.5 ml70
1 Cupa Pudra30

Extensions By Natural

Spalat +  coafat extensii- drept17090
Spalat +  coafat extensii- bucle200105
Applied Tape on 1 set/2 sets (workmanship)500120
Întreținere extensii tape on 1 set / 1 set+1/2 (manopera)500180
Maintenance of tape on 2 sets extensions (workmanship)550210
Întreținere extensii tape on 2+1/2 seturi/ 3 seturi (manopera)650240
Indepartat extensii20030
Banda extensii2.2