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Hairstyling, manicure/pedicure and epilation services complement the relaxation rituals you can enjoy at THAIco SPA. After a sauna and massage session, flawless hair styling and a delicate manicure will help you continue your day without the worry of your next appointment and time spent in traffic to another location. Once you get to THAIco SPA, you know that you are in the care of the best specialists who will take care of your beauty and well-being, in the smallest detail.


Trimmed 70 RonPainted short hair ( 1 tube)190 RON
 Special haircut 95 RONMedium painted (1.5 tubes)215 RON
 Breton haircuts 27 RONLong painted (2 tubes)285 RON
 Short hairstyle 65 RONVery long painted (3 tubes)330 RON
 Medium styling 80 RONDiscolored root (1.5 cups)130 RON
 Long hairstyle 90 RONDiscolored lengths (2 cups)150 RON
 Hairdressing extensions 135 RONStripping ( 1 envelope)85 RON
 Special hairstyle 170-220-350 RONShort organic discoloration230 RON
 Bride's hairstyle 515-630 RONMedium organic discoloured255 RON
 Washing 40 RONLong organic discoloration310 RON
 Washed after painting 46 RONVery long organic discoloration360 RON
 Washing Spa (30min.) 65 RONStrands 150 RON
 Fofa Wella 30 RONMedium multicolored strands230 RON
 Shade (0.5/1 Tube) 90/160 RONLong multicolored strands330 RON
Olaplex 3.5 ml70 RON

Extensions By Natural

Applied Microring (workmanship)5 RON
Applied Keratin (workmanship)5,5 RON
Applied Tape on 1 set/2 sets (workmanship)220-330 RON
Rented extensions ( 24h)150-330 RON
Sewn extensions (workmanship)320-440 RON
Maintain inghest on 1 set (work) extensions330 RON
 Maintenance of tape on 2 sets extensions (workmanship)400 RON
Work out clip extensions 60 RON
Short discoloration 40g/ long 60g 230 – 255 RON
Long bleached 80g/ very long 120g 310 – 360 RON
Short/medium suvite 180 – 230 RON
Long/very long suvites220 – 275 RON
Foila kerastase40 RON
Foila wella30 RON
Medium/Long Sweeping300/500 RON